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Atelier 26 is the result of a fruitful collaboration between two alternative artists – Chiara and Virginie who met each other in Monaco during a dancing class. From a young age, they both have had a strong passion for dance-today, these two creative and determined artists aspire to share their passion in the Principality of Monaco. 


Over the course of time and after endless conversations have lead to ideas, they develop ideas, projects, choreographies and new 

opportunities to share their unique and innovative interpretation of the art of dance. 


And thus was born the concept of “The Atelier”: a venue for creation, imagination, a place to experiment, test new ideas, learn and give room to art expression. 


In 2018, as a reward for winning a dance competition, Chiara was offered a space to develop and practice the art of dance – located in lot 26. This is how “Atelier 26” was officially created.


The number 26 also perfectly illustrates the combination of 2 artists dedicated to the 6  art.


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